Emily in Yellow

There’s a certain fulfilling zen the moment you realize your completely over some sort of drama that used to be an emotional drain on other aspects of your life.

Work this week has just been like “Boo, you whore.”

It’s crazy how I can close two sales in one day and still feel like Tuesday completely kicked my ass.

There’s no words for how much my 94 year old grandfather was offended by Hayden Panettiere’s dress.

Ooh, a leather jacket in August? Tell me more about yourself, ya stud.

I try to be a good listener, but sometimes I find that I get so caught up in making sure I understand the back story that I completely miss the present story.

My boss got a boom box for his office.

He’s playing disco…

I have a hangover because I got drunk taking shots last night.

Because apparently I’m in college.

The sky is white and nerveless and involves
Standing off at a ludicrous distance, thinking
Bad thoughts—well, not bad really, rather say
Homeless, images of a time and place
Long since scattered to dust—but still, what power!
My dearest wish—but one shouldn’t have wishes,
Wishes are horses that kick you in the heart,
Then ask you if you’d like another ride.
I rode one once, or let’s say she rode me—
But you don’t want to hear that story again.
I know I don’t. Maybe you’d like to hear
About a time and place that kept their distance.
The sky was white and nerveless…leave it at that.

Me? No, I’m fine. Just great. I’ve got $7.80 in dimes to add to my metro card tomorrow. Yep. Just great.